• Elwood Haynes

    Elwood Haynes

    Elwood Haynes (October 14, 1857 – April 13, 1925) was an American inventor, metallurgist, automotive pioneer, entrepreneur and industrialist. He invented the metal alloys stellite and martensitic stainless steel and designed one of the earliest automobiles made in the United States. He is recognized for having created the earliest American design that was feasible for mass production and, with the Apperson brothers, he formed the first company in the United States to produce automobiles profitably. He made many advances in the automotive industry.

  • Elwood Haynes Museum

    Elwood Haynes Museum

    The Elwood Haynes Museum is a museum in the former mansion owned by Elwood Haynes located in Kokomo, Indiana. Haynes was an inventor who is credited with being the first to produce cars commercially in 1894. He also invented stainless steel and stellite. He became a millionaire in 1916 and had the mansion located on south Webster Street built, where he lived until his death in 1925.

  • Elwood

    Elwood may refer to any one of the following::

  • Elwood Edwards

    Elwood Edwards (born November 6, 1949) is an American voice over actor. He is best known as the voice of the Internet service provider America Online, which he first recorded in 1989. His greetings include "Welcome," "You've got mail," "You've got pictures," "You've got voicemail," "File's done." and "Goodbye.", all recorded in his own living room on a cassette deck. In 1989, Edwards's wife overheard online service Q-Link CEO Steve Case describe how he wanted to add a voice to its user interface. In October, Edwards's voice premiered on AOL's new program. The voice is only heard in the American version of the software. In the UK version, a female voice is heard replacing "Welcome." with "Welcome to AOL." and "You've got mail." with "You have e-mail." Also "File's done." is replaced with "Your files have been transferred."

  • Elwood Cowley

    Elwood Lorrie Cowley (born August 2, 1944) is a former educator and political figure in Saskatchewan. He represented Biggar from 1971 to 1982 in the Legislative Assembly of Saskatchewan as a New Democratic Party (NDP) member.

  • Elwood Richard Quesada

    Elwood Richard Quesada

    Elwood Richard Quesada, CB, CBE (April 13, 1904 – February 9, 1993), nicknamed "Pete", was a United States Air Force Lt. General, FAA administrator, and, later, a club owner in Major League Baseball.

  • Elwood Geiges

    Elwood Albert Geiges (August 26, 1895 – October 22, 1977) was an American football player, coach, and official. He was the eighth head football coach at Temple University and he held that position for the 1917 season. His record at Temple was 0–6–1.

  • Elwood City (Arthur)

    Elwood City is a fictional city in the TV show Arthur .

  • Elwood Brown

    Elwood Brown

    Elwood Stanley Brown was an American sports organizer in Illinois, Manila, Europe, and South America. In his short life, he made three huge accomplishments: (1) the intensive promotion of sports among Filipinos, (2) originating international sports competitions in Asia, and (3) the promotion of the Olympics around the world. In addition, he started (1910) the first Boy Scout troops in the Philippines, and initiated and organised the American Expeditionary Forces games and its corollary the Inter-Allied Games at the end of the War in Europe.

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