• Elmer Osmar Ramón Miani

    Elmer Osmar Ramón Miani (April 22, 1933 – May 25, 2014) was a Roman Catholic bishop.

  • Elmer Diktonius

    Elmer Rafael Diktonius (20 January 1896 in Helsinki – 23 September 1961 in Kauniainen ) was a Finnish poet and composer, who wrote in both Swedish and in Finnish.

  • Dixton


    For the manor in Alderton, Gloucestershire, Dixton Manor.

  • Dixonius

    Dixonius is a genus of Asian geckos, commonly known as leaf-toed geckos.

  • Ditton

    Ditton may refer to:

  • Dipton

    Dipton can refer to:

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