• Einar Gerhardsen

    (16 May 1897 – 19 September 1987) was a Norwegian politician from the Labour Party of Norway. He was Prime Minister for three periods, 1945–1951, 1955–1963 and 1963–1965. With 17 years in office, he is the longest serving Prime Minister in Norway since the introduction of parliamentarism. Many Norwegians often refer to him as "Landsfaderen" (Father of the Nation); he is generally considered one of the main architects of the rebuilding of Norway after World War II. He also served as the second President of the Nordic Council in 1954.

  • Gerhardsen's First Cabinet

    ), was a Norwegian government appointed to serve under Prime Minister Einar Gerhardsen between 25 June

  • Gerhardsen's Fourth Cabinet

    . The Labour Party cabinet was led by Einar Gerhardsen. It had the following composition:

  • Gerhardsen's Third Cabinet

    Party cabinet was led by Einar Gerhardsen. It had the following composition:

  • Einar Gerhardsens plass

    , and Høyblokka in Regjeringskvartalet in Oslo. The street passes through the square. The square was named in 1997 after Prime Minister Einar Gerhardsen.

  • Rune Gerhardsen

    Party. He is a son of Werna and Einar Gerhardsen, and attended Oslo Cathedral School. He chaired

  • Mina Gerhardsen

    is the daughter of Rune Gerhardsen and Tove Strand, and granddaughter of Einar Gerhardsen. She is married

  • Aase Lionæs

    Seweriin and later Einar Gerhardsen who both held positions in the Cabinet.

  • Rasmus Nordbø

    served as state secretary to the Minister of Agriculture in the of Einar Gerhardsen (1948-1951

  • Werna Gerhardsen

    politician for the Labour Party, best known as the wife of Prime Minister Einar Gerhardsen. Gerhardsen

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