• Edwin Henry King

    Edwin Henry King

    Edwin Henry King (December 1828 – April 14, 1896) was a Canadian banker.

  • Edwin Henry Horne

    Edwin Henry Horne was an English architect working in the Victorian era and best known for the six spacious new station buildings opened by the North London Railway between 1870 and 1872 to reflect the growing importance of the line."By E.H.Horne they were designed in a distinctive Venetian Gothic style not repeated elsewhere on the railways in England." His Camden Road Station, listed by Historic England, is one of the few suburban stations of the period to survive in London. A petition to Parliament to rebuild the 1872 facade of his Highbury & Islington station was lodged in 2015. In a career cut short at the age of 37, Horne's last major work was the heritage listed church, St John's Ealing.

  • Edwin Henry Fitler

    Edwin Henry Fitler

    Edwin Henry Fitler (December 2, 1825 – May 31, 1896) was a Pennsylvania businessman and politician. A Republican, he served as Presidential Elector for Pennsylvania in 1876 and Mayor of Philadelphia from 1887 to 1891.

  • Edwin Henry Boddington

    Edwin Henry Boddington (1836–1905?) was an English landscape painter during the Victorian era, and a member of the Williams family of painters.

  • Edwin Henry Hayter Collen

    Lieutenant-General Sir Edwin Henry Hayter Collen GCIE CB (1843–1911) was a British Indian Army officer, who served in the Council of the Viceroy of India.

  • Henry Edwin Fenn

    Henry Edwin Fenn (1850 - 3 November 1913) was a British journalist, a fixture in the divorce courts of London, and the author of Thirty-five years in the divorce court (1910).

  • Edwin Henry Mason Smith

    Edwin Henry Mason Smith (also known as Henry Smith) is a former Jeweller.

  • Edwin Henry Staples Hamilton

    Edwin Henry Staples Hamilton (1885–1964) of Christchurch was appointed a member of the New Zealand Legislative Council on 22 June 1950.

  • Edwin Henry Mason Smith (Jeweller)

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