• Eduard Zimmermann

    Eduard Zimmermann (4 February 1929 – 19 September 2009) was a German journalist, television presenter and security expert.

  • Eduard Cristian Zimmermann

    Eduard Cristian Zimmermann (born 18 April 1983 in Reșița) is a Romanian football player, who plays

  • Eddie Zimmerman

    Edward Desmond Zimmerman (January 1, 1883 in Oceanic, New Jersey – May 6, 1945 in Emmaus

  • Neoregelia

    Bromelioideae, native to South American rainforests. The genus name is for Eduard August von Regel, Director

  • Persipura Jayapura

    from the land of Papua such as Rully Nere, Jack Komboy, Eduard Ivakdalam, Boaz Solossa, Ian Louis

  • Wheaton College Conservatory of Music

    The Conservatory of Music at Wheaton College is a music conservatory located in Wheaton, Illinois. It is both a department and professional school of Wheaton College. It currently has 21 full-time faculty members and approximately 200 undergraduate music majors, and is fully accredited by the National Association of Schools of Music. The Conservatory also operates a Community School of the Arts, serving the music and arts education needs of the surrounding community.

  • Eduard Hoesch

    Eduard Hoesch (1890–1983) was an Austrian cinematographer and film producer.

  • Victor Janson

    Victor Arthur Eduard Janson (25 September 1884 – 29 June 1960) was a Latvian-born German stage and film actor and film director.

  • Eduard von Borsody

    Eduard von Borsody (German: [ˈboʁʒodi]; 13 June 1898 – 1 January 1970) was an Austrian cameraman, film editor, film director and screenplay writer.

  • James Edward Zimmerman

    James Edward Zimmerman (February 19, 1923 – August 4, 1999) was born in Lantry, South Dakota. He

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