• Edith Pargeter

    Edith Pargeter

    Edith Mary Pargeter OBE BEM (28 September 1913 – 14 October 1995), also known by her nom de plume Ellis Peters, was an English author of works in many categories, especially history and historical fiction, and was also honoured for her translations of Czech classics; she is probably best known for her murder mysteries, both historical and modern. She is well known for her medieval-detective series The Cadfael Chronicles.

  • Edith Kimani

    Edith Kimani (born January 25, 1990) is a news anchor.

  • Edith Vanderbilt

    Edith Vanderbilt

    Edith Stuyvesant Dresser Gerry (January 17, 1873 – December 21, 1958) was an American philanthropist and wife of George Washington Vanderbilt II and Peter Goelet Gerry, a United States Senator from Rhode Island.

  • Edith of Wilton

    Edith of Wilton

    Saint Edith of Wilton (c. 963 - c.986) (also known as Eadgyth, her name in Old English, or as Editha or Ediva, the Latinised forms of her name) was an English nun, a daughter of Edgar the Peaceful, king of England (r. 943–975). She was born between 961 and 964 and died on 16 September in a year between 984 and 987. Following her death in 984, she became the patron saint of her community at Wilton Abbey in Wiltshire and churches were dedicated to her in Wiltshire and in other parts of Anglo-Saxon England. Her biography was written by Goscelin and her feast day is on 16 September.

  • Edith Finch Russell

    Edith Finch, Countess Russell (5 November 1900 – 1 January 1978) was a writer, biographer, and the fourth wife of Bertrand Russell.

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