• Dwight Schultz

    Dwight Schultz

    William Dwight Schultz (born November 24, 1947) is an American actor and voice artist. He is known for his roles as Captain "Howling Mad" Murdock on the 1980s action series The A-Team and as Reginald Barclay in Star Trek: The Next Generation , Star Trek: Voyager , and the film Star Trek: First Contact . He is also known in animation as the mad scientist Dr. Animo in the Ben 10 series, Chef Mung Daal in the children's animated series Chowder , and Eddie the Squirrel in CatDog .

  • Dwight

    Dwight may refer to:

  • Thomas Dwight

    Thomas Dwight

    Thomas Dwight (1843–1911) was an American physician, anatomist and teacher.

  • Dwight Jones

    Dwight Jones may refer to:

  • Dwight School Canada

    Brookes Shawnigan Lake is an independent private boarding school located in Shawnigan Lake, British Columbia, Canada. Founded in 2009, originally under the name Dwight International School, it offers the International Baccalaureate diploma program to students from grades 7 through 12. Brookes Shawnigan Lake is a member of the Brookes Education Group, a global family of schools with campuses in Canada, the United Kingdom, the United States and Korea, with new campuses opening in India and the Russian Federation by 2018.

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