• Dominique

    "Dominique" is a 1963 French language popular song, written and performed by Jeannine Deckers of Belgium, better known as Sœur Sourire or The Singing Nun. "Dominique" is about Saint Dominic, a Spanish-born priest and founder of the Dominican Order, of which she was a member (as Sister Luc-Gabrielle). The English-version lyrics of the song were written by Noël Regney. In addition to French and English, Deckers recorded versions in Dutch, German, Hebrew, Japanese, Korean and Portuguese.

  • Dominique Brown

    Dominique Brown

    Dominique Brown (raised in Citra, Florida) is an American student and football player. He is affiliated with the Secondary school.

  • Dominique D'Vita

    Dominique D'Vita is an American pornographic actress.

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