• Dominicus Baudius

    Dominicus Baudius, a latinised form of Dominique Baudier, (Lille, 8 April 1561 – Leiden, 22 August 1613) was a French Neo-Latin poet, scholar and historian. From 1603 to 1613 he was a teacher at the University of Leiden.

  • Dominicus of Arras

    Domenico of Arras was a Pre-congregational saint and Bishop of Arras, France from 540AD to about 545AD. His feast day is 6th Feb.

  • Johannes Vallentin Dominicus Werbata

    Johannes Vallentin Dominicus Werbata (Padang, 22 September 1866 - Magelang, 2 June 1929), better known by his initials JVD, was a military superintendent, first class sensor and knight in the Military William Order fourth grade.

  • Dominicus Nagell Lemvig Brun

    Dominicus Nagell Lemvig Brun (1 November 1790 – 20 February 1874) was a Norwegian military officer and politician.

  • Dominicus van Tol

    Dominicus van Tol

    Dominicus van Tol (also known as Domenicus van Tol) (c.1635–1676) was a Dutch Golden Age painter.

  • Dominicus Arumaeus

    Dominicus Arumaeus (1579, Leeuwarden – February 24, 1637, Jena ) was a Dutch jurist.

  • Nomonyx dominicus

  • Mass No. 4 "Dominicus" (Mozart)

  • Charadrius dominicus

  • Pluvialis dominicus

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