• Domenico Modugno

    Domenico Modugno

    Domenico Modugno (Italian pronunciation: [doˈmeːniko moˈduɲɲo]; 9 January 1928 – 6 August 1994) was an Italian singer, songwriter, actor, guitarist, and later in life, a member of the Italian Parliament. He is known for his 1958 international hit song "Nel blu dipinto di blu ", for which he received Grammy Awards for Record and Song of the Year. He is considered the first Italian cantautore.

  • Domenico

    Domenico is an Italian given name for males and may refer to:

  • Domenico Girardi

    Domenico Girardi (born 2 May 1985 in Terzigno) is an Italian professional football player currently playing for Pomigliano.

  • Domenico Oppedisano

    Domenico Oppedisano (Rosarno, 5 December 1930) is an Italian criminal and a member of the 'Ndrangheta, a Mafia-type organisation in Calabria. He is based in Rosarno.

  • Cardinal Domenico Ginnasi

    Cardinal Domenico Ginnasi

    Domenico Ginnasi (1550 in Castel Bolognese – 12 March 1639, in Rome) was a Cardinal of the Roman Catholic church created by Pope Clement VIII.

  • Di Domenico brothers

    Di Domenico brothers

    Francesco Di Domenico (1880–1966) and Vincenzo Di Domenico (1882–1955), known together as the Di Domenico brothers, were Italian film directors who played an important role in Colombian cinema.

  • Domenico Marocchino

    Domenico Marocchino (Italian pronunciation: [doˈmeːniko marokˈkiːno]; born 5 May 1957) is a retired Italian professional football player and manager, who played as a midfielder.

  • Chiusano di San Domenico

    Chiusano di San Domenico

    Chiusano di San Domenico (Irpino: Chiusànë) is a town and comune in the province of Avellino, Campania, southern Italy. Situated at 750 metres (2,460 ft) above sea level, Chiusano is on the western slope of Mount Tuoro.

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