• Dom Mintoff

    Dom Mintoff

    Domenico Mintoff, KUOM (Maltese: Duminku Mintoff; often called il-Perit, "the Architect"; 6 August 1916 – 20 August 2012) was a Maltese Socialist politician, architect, anti-colonialist revolutionary, and civil engineer who was leader of the Labour Party from 1949 to 1984, and was 8th Prime Minister of Malta from 1955 to 1958, when Malta was still a British colony, and again, following independence, from 1971 to 1984. His tenure as Prime Minister saw the creation of a comprehensive welfare state, nationalisation of large corporations, a substantial increase in the general standard of living and the establishment of the Maltese republic, but was later on marred by a stagnant economy, a rise in authoritarianism and outbreaks of political violence.

  • Dom

    Dom or DOM may refer to:

  • Dōm

  • DoM (Titel)

    DoM (Titel)

    Die Abkürzungen DoM und DoD (alternative Schreibweisen auch "D.o.M.", "D.o.D." und "DM") stehen für die kirchlichen Funktion- und Ordenstitel Doctor of Metaphysics bzw. Doctor of Divinity . Diese sind vor allem in protestantischen Freikirchen des angelsächsischen Raumes anzutreffen und in etwa vergleichbar mit reinen Funktionstiteln wie "Pastor" und "Reverend". Bei der Abkürzung DoM (und auch DoD) handelt es sich nicht um einen akademischen Titel, jedoch um einen realen kirchlichen Funktionsrang bestimmter protestantischer, hauptächlich christlich-evangelikaler, Glaubensgemeinschaften, vor allem in Nordamerika.

  • Dom Sagolla

    Dominic Thomas Sagolla is an American author, blogger, software engineer, educator, and surfer.

  • Till dom ensamma

    Till dom ensamma is a song written by Mauro Scocco, and recorded by himself on the 1991 album Dr. Space dagbok, and released as a single the same year.

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