• Dollard Ménard

    Dollard Ménard

    Brigadier General Dollard Ménard DSO, GOQ, CD (7 March 1913 – 14 January 1997) was a Canadian general. As a lieutenant colonel, he was wounded five times during the Dieppe Raid in 1942 while leading Les Fusiliers Mont-Royal. His story inspired a famous Canadian World War II poster Ce qu’il faut pour vaincre (What it takes to win). He was later made a Companion of the Distinguished Service Order. Since all of the other commanding officers were either killed or captured, he was the only commanding officer who had landed at Dieppe to return to Britain after the raid.

  • Dollard

    Dollard may refer to:

  • Dollard, Saskatchewan

    Dollard, Saskatchewan

    Dollard is an unincorporated community, within the Rural Municipality of Arlington No. 79, Saskatchewan, Canada. The community is situated on the historic Red Coat Trail in the southwest corner of the province, 13 km west of the town of Shaunavon and 21 km east of the town of Eastend. It is approximately 100 km from the Montana USA border and 130 km to the Alberta border.

  • Pat Dollard

    Patrick Dollard is an American documentary filmmaker. In the 1990s he was a Hollywood talent agent, manager, and producer most known for helping to build the career of Oscar -winning director Steven Soderbergh. Dollard has been known as a Hollywood conservative since the mid-1990s, and promotes himself as a conservative filmmaker, blogger, and pundit. Dollard has been alleged to be an alcoholic and drug abuser who has struggled to overcome his addictions, as claimed in an article by Evan Wright in Vanity Fair and in Wright's subsequent book Hella Nation .

  • John Dollard

    John Dollard (29 August 1900 – 8 October 1980) was an American psychologist and social scientist best known for his studies on race relations in America and the frustration-aggression hypothesis he proposed with Neal E. Miller and others.

  • Dollard (electoral district)

    Dollard was a federal electoral district in Quebec, Canada, that was represented in the House of Commons of Canada from 1953 to 1988.

  • William Dollard

    William Dollard

    William Dollard (baptised 29 November 1789 – 29 August 1851) was an Irish born Canadian Roman Catholic priest and Bishop of Saint John in America, New Brunswick from 1842 to 1851. William was born in Co. Kilkenny, Ireland, to Michael Dollard and Anastasia Dunphy. He studied in St Kieran's College, Kilkenny, and completed his theological training in Canada.

  • Robert Dollard

    Robert Dollard

    Robert Dollard (March 14, 1842 - April 28, 1912) was an American attorney and politician. A native of Massachusetts, he was a Union Army veteran of the American Civil War and attained the rank of major. After the war, he moved to Illinois, where he studied law and was admitted to the bar. He later moved to South Dakota and served as its first attorney general.

  • Sarah Dollard

    Sarah Dollard (born 21 January 1980) is an Australian television screenwriter, living and working in the United Kingdom. She made her start in writing for television on the long-running Australian soap opera Neighbours, before moving to the UK in 2008. She created and wrote the Welsh romantic comedy series Cara Fi (Love Me), which debuted on S4C in 2014.

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