• Zora G. Clevenger

    Zora G. Clevenger

    Zora G. Clevenger (December 12, 1881 – November 24, 1970) was an American football, basketball, and baseball player, coach, and pioneering athletic director. He served as the head football coach at Nebraska Wesleyan University (1908–1910), the University of Tennessee (1911–1915), and Kansas State University (1916–1919), compiling a record of 47–32–7. Clevenger was also the head basketball coach at Indiana University (1904–1906), Nebraska Wesleyan (1907–1911), Tennessee (1911–1916), and Kansas State (1916–1919), and was baseball coach at Indiana (1905–1906), Nebraska Wesleyan (1908–1911), Tennessee (1911–1916), and Kansas State (1919–1921). Clevenger served as the athletic director at Kansas State (1916–1920), the University of Missouri (1921–1923), and Indiana (1923–1946). He was inducted into the College Football Hall of Fame as a player in 1968.

  • Monrad

    Monrad may refer to:

  • Martin Monrad

    Martin Monrad (born 1977) is a male table tennis player from Denmark. From 2005 he won some medals in team events in the Table Tennis European Championships.

  • Cally Monrad

    Ragnhild Caroline Monrad (31 July 1879, Gran, Oppland – 23 February 1950) was a Norwegian singer, actress and poet. She studied singing in Dresden, stayed in Berlin for a long time, toured with Edvard Grieg, performed for King Oscar II, Haakon VII and Emperor William II. She was a very popular opera singer in Norway, Sweden, Denmark and Germany.

  • Jan Monrad

    Jan Monrad (18 March 1951 – 20 November 2015) was a Danish comedian, singer, and entertainer who was best known as part of the duo Monrad & Rislund. The other member was Søren Rislund. Monrad was originally trained by a primary school teacher and was taught music and social studies. He made his debut in show business in early 1970, where he performed in Copenhagen. He released his first single, "Kød på bordet" in 1974. The following year he formed with Søren Rislund and the group Totalpetroleum. Rislund and Monrad had met in 1st grade at Frederiksberg School. The two developed their own special dark witticism, bad jokes, and satire and later changed the group's name Monrad & Rislund. For several years, he was associated with Ekstra Bladet as a TV reviewer, satirical commentator, and traffic reporter, while he has also appeared in several television programs, including Poul Thomsens Hund og Hund.

  • Knut Monrad

    Knut Monrad (March 14, 1913 – June 23, 1987) was a Norwegian painter. He has been described as a nature poet that interpreted his experience of nature with rapid, broad brushstrokes. In addition to his activity as a painter, Monrad also worked as a translator of English and Swedish literature.

  • Monrad Norderval

    Monrad Oskar Norderval (1902–1976) was a Norwegian bishop in the Church of Norway.

  • Jesper Monrad

    Jesper Monrad (born October 18, 1976) is a Danish handballer, currently playing for Danish Handball League side TMS Ringsted. He joined the club from league rivals FCK Håndbold in 2007.

  • Morgan Monrad

    Morgan Monrad

    Morgan Monrad (born May 22, 2000) is a TikTok star.

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