• Dioscorus

    Dioscorus (also Dioscoros, Dioskoros, or Dioscurus) can refer to:

  • Dioscorus of Aphrodito

    Dioscorus of Aphrodito

    Flavius Dioscorus (Greek: Φλαύϊος Διόσκορος Flauios Dioskoros) lived during the 6th century A.D. in the village of Aphrodito, Egypt, and therefore is called by modern scholars Dioscorus of Aphrodito. Although he was an Egyptian, he composed poetry in Greek, the cultural language of the Byzantine Era. His poems are the oldest surviving poems written by the hand of a known poet. The manuscripts, which contain his corrections and revisions, were discovered on papyrus in 1905, and are now held in museums and libraries around the world. Dioscorus was also occupied in legal work, and legal documents and drafts involving him, his family, Aphroditans, and others were discovered along with his poetry. As an administrator of the village of Aphrodito, he composed petitions on behalf of its citizens, which are unique for their poetic and religious qualities. Dioscorus was a Christian (a Copt ) and lived in a religiously active environment. The collection of Greek and Coptic papyri associated with Dioscorus and Aphrodito is one of the most important finds in the history of papyrology and has shed considerable light on the law and society of Byzantine Egypt.

  • Pope Dioscorus II of Alexandria

    Pope Dioscorus II of Alexandria, 31st Pope of Alexandria & Patriarch of the See of St. Mark. He was chosen Patriarch after the departure of his predecessor, St. John. His first work after his enthronement to the See of St. Mark was writing an epistle to Pope Severus, Patriarch of Antioch concerning the Holy Trinity and the Incarnation. Pope Dioscorus had Severus's reply read from the pulpit.

  • Antipope Dioscorus

    Dioscorus (died 14 October 530) was a deacon of the Alexandrian and the Roman church from 506. In a disputed election following the death of Pope Felix IV, the majority of electors picked him to be Pope, in spite of Pope Felix's wishes that Boniface II succeed him. However, Dioscurus died less than a month after the election, allowing Boniface to be consecrated Pope and Dioscurus to be branded an Antipope.

  • Pope Dioscorus

    Pope Dioscorus may refer to:

  • Patriarch Dioscorus I

  • Pope Dioscorus II of Alexandria (Coptic Patriarch)

  • Patriarch Dioscorus II of Alexandria (Greek Patriarch)

  • Dioscorus (disambiguation)

  • Dioscorus, Pope

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