• Diana Trask

    Diana Roselyn Trask (born 23 June 1940) is an Australian-born country and pop singer. In the early 1960s she was a regular pop music performer on United States TV shows, Don McNeill's Breakfast Club and Sing Along with Mitch . From 1968 to 1981 she was a country music singer in the US and in Australia. In the US, she had eighteen singles on the Billboard Hot Country Songs chart, where her top 20 hits are "Say When" and "It's a Man's World (If You Have a Man Like Mine)" (both 1973), "When I Get My Hands on You" and "Lean It All on Me" (both 1974). In January 1962 she married Thom Ewen, a Connecticut businessman, to become Diana Ewen. In the 1980s Trask withdrew from performing to look after Ewen, who had had a stroke: he subsequently died in 2009. The couple have two children. Trask co-authored her autobiography, Whatever Happened to Diana Trask: A Memoir, with Alison Campbell Rate, on 1 May 2010.

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  • Diana, princess of Wales

  • Diana Cadilac

    Diana Cadilac

    Diana Cadilac is a Brazilian pornographic actress.

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    Diana Lins is a pornographic actress.

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