• Lloyd, David

  • David Lloyd

    David Lloyd may refer to:

  • David Lloyd (riflemaker and sportsman)

    David Llewellyn Lloyd (1910-1996) was an English pilot, deer-stalker, ballistician and sporting rifle maker, of Northamptonshire, England and Glencassley Estate in Sutherland, Scotland.

  • David Lloyd Meredith

    David Lloyd Meredith (30 October 1933 – 22 October 2008) was an English actor. He came from a Welsh family background, but was born in London.

  • David Lloyd (police commissioner)

    David Lloyd is a British Conservative Party politician and financial adviser. Since 2012, he has been the Hertfordshire Police and Crime Commissioner for Hertfordshire Constabulary. He was a member of Milton Keynes Council in the 1990s and has been a member of Hertfordshire County Council since 2001.

  • David Lloyd (tenor)

    David George Lloyd (6 April 1912 – 27 March 1969) was a Welsh singer. Lloyd, a tenor, was noted for being one of the first Welsh solo singers to seek a broader audience beyond Wales, in the concert halls and recording studios of England, mainland Europe, and North America.

  • David Lloyd (chemist)

    Professor David Lloyd is a Dublin-born and educated chemist specialising in computer aided drug design, Vice Chancellor and President of the University of South Australia and a member of South Australia's Economic Development Board.

  • David Lloyd (broadcaster)

    David Lloyd is an English radio presenter and a former radio executive,

  • David Lloyd (actor)

    David Lloyd (born 17 May 1955) is an English actor and screenwriter, perhaps best known from his role in Maid Marian and her Merry Men, where he played Graeme, one of the two guards (alongside Mark Billingham's Gary).

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