• Daniel Czepko von Reigersfeld

    Daniel Czepko von Reigersfeld (1605–1660) was a German Lutheran poet and dramatist, known for his mystical verse influenced by Jacob Böhme. "Czepko" was his family name, so he is commonly known as Daniel Czepko.

  • Daniel von der Bracke

    Daniel von der Bracke (born 28 January 1992) is a German footballer who plays for TuS Koblenz.

  • Daniel Von Hoff

    Daniel D. Von Hoff is the physician in chief and director of translational research at Translational Genomics Research Institute (TGen). He is also a professor of medicine at the Mayo Clinic and medical director of research as well as chief scientific officer at US Oncology. He is most notable for his work in targeted therapies for the treatment of cancer. He led the development of gemcitabine, and has several drugs in development.

  • Daniel Von Haydin

    Daniel Von Haydin

    Daniel Von Haydin (born August 16th, 1999) is a Brazilian basketball player.

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