• Daniel Maclise

    Daniel Maclise

    Daniel Maclise RA (25 January 1806 – 25 April 1870) was an Irish historian painter, literary and portrait painter, and illustrator, who worked for most of his life in London, England.

  • Daniel Jimenez (boxer)

  • Daniel A. Currie

    Daniel A. Currie

    Daniel A. Currie (October 10, 1842 – February 28, 1911) was a physician and mayor of Englewood, New Jersey. He has been credited with serving as the first mayor of the city (starting in 1896), but that was later declared to be prior to the proper incorporation of the town; Englewood was the first incorporated town in Bergen County. Currie also served as mayor in 1901 to 1903.

  • Daniel Fernandez (Argentine footballer)

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