• Daniel Clark

    Daniel Clark

    Daniel Clark is an American baseball player from Trophy Club, Texas who plays as a right-handed pitcher.

  • Daniel Clark

    Daniel Clark

    Daniel Clark is an American soccer player from Littleton, Colorado who plays as a midfielder.

  • Clark, Daniel

  • Daniel Clark

    Daniel Clark may refer to:

  • Daniel Clark (actor)

    Daniel Allen Clark (born October 14, 1985) is an American-Canadian actor, producer and reporter. Clark is best known for his role as Sean Cameron on Degrassi: The Next Generation and as Steve Rendazo on the movie Juno .

  • Daniel Clark (Louisiana politician)

    Daniel Clark (c. 1766 – August 13, 1813) was the first Delegate from the Territory of Orleans to the United States House of Representatives. Born in Sligo, Ireland, he was reportedly educated at Eton College in England.

  • Daniel Clark (basketball)

    Daniel Clark (basketball)

    Daniel Clark (born 16 September 1988) is a British professional basketball player who last played for Montakit Fuenlabrada of the Liga ACB. Clark is also a member of the British national team.

  • Clark Daniel Stearns

    Clark Daniel Stearns

    Clark Daniel Stearns (1870 – May 25, 1944) was the ninth Naval Governor of American Samoa. Stearns commanded various vessels, on which he set up organized committees for the crew to give suggestions to the officers. He hoped to alleviate tensions between the enlisted men and officers. However, upon his appointment to the battleship USS Michigan (BB-27), he was removed from command of these activities.

  • Daniel Clark (Connecticut colonial leader)

    Daniel Clark (1622-1710) was the fourth Secretary of the Colony of Connecticut, from 1658-1664 and 1665-1667, and holder of various offices in colonial Connecticut. He has been known as the "great grandfather of Governors" given the number of his descendants who have held that position in Connecticut and Massachusetts.

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