• Cornelius

    Cornelius may refer to:

  • Cornelius Gyamfi

    Cornelius Gyamfi

    Cornelius Gyamfi (raised in Atlanta) is an American student and football player.

  • Cornelius Bernard Huggins

    Cornelius Bernard Huggins

    Cornelius Bernard Huggins, (born June 1, 1974) also known as Outlaw between fans, is a footballer from Saint Vincent and the Grenadines formerly playing as a central defender and a vice-captain for Kedah FA in the Malaysian Super League.

  • Jacob Cornelius

    Jacob Cornelius (born October 2, 1984) is an American rower. He competed in the Men's eight event at the 2012 Summer Olympics. He also rowed in the 2007 University Boat Race.

  • Servius Cornelius Scipio Salvidienus Orfitus

    Servius Cornelius Scipio Salvidienus Orfitus was a name used by Roman men during the early Roman Empire. They were descendants of Orfitus who was adopted by Servius Cornelius Scipio, an otherwise unknown member of the patrician branch of the Cornelii Scipiones.

  • Cornelius Shaw

    Cornelius Shaw

    Cornelius Shaw is an American football player from Lakeland, Florida who plays as an athlete.

  • Cornelius Scranton Bushnell

    Cornelius Scranton Bushnell (July 19, 1829 – May 6, 1896) was an American railroad executive and shipbuilder who was instrumental in developing ironclad ships for the Union Navy during the American Civil War.

  • Cornelius Amory Pugsley

    Cornelius Amory Pugsley

    Cornelius Amory Pugsley Sr. (July 17, 1850 – September 10, 1936) was the Democratic Congressman from New York's 16th congressional district from 1901 to 1903. He was also President of the New York State Bankers Association in 1913. He created the Pugsley Medal in 1928 to honor champions of parks and conservation.

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