• Wiljon Vaandrager

    Willemien Jonetta"Wiljon"Vaandrager (born 27 August 1957 in Brummen, Gelderland ) is a former international rower from the Netherlands, who won the bronze medal in the Women's Eights at the 1984 Summer Olympics in Los Angeles, California, alongside Marieke van Drogenbroek, Lynda Cornet, Greet Hellemans, Nicolette Hellemans, Harriet van Ettekoven, Catharina Neelissen, Anne Quist, and Martha Laurijsen.

  • Matthew Vandrau

    Matthew James Vandrau (born 22 July 1969) is a retired English-born South African-raised cricketer. Having moved to South Africa at an early age, he first appeared in first-class cricket playing for Transvaal in 1990. He moved to England in 1993 to play for Derbyshire in two stints between 1993 and 1997.

  • Viandra Dunn

    Viandra Dunn (born April 4, 1997) is a rapper.

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