• Claudio Prieto

    Claudio Prieto (24 November 1934 – 5 April 2015) was a Spanish composer He was born in Muñeca de la Peña, Palencia and began his musical career as a boy in the mid-20th century playing various musical instruments for the municipal band of Guardo. He moved to San Lorenzo de El Escorial when he was 16 years, where he began his education with the musicologist Samuel Rubio.

  • Symphony No. 4 (Claudio Prieto)

  • Symphony No.4 (Claudio Prieto)

  • Claudio

    Claudio is an Italian and Spanish first name. In Portuguese it is accented Cláudio. In Catalan and Occitan it is Claudi, while in Romanian it is Claudiu.

  • Claudio Perez (cyclist)

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