• Clarence Muse

    Clarence Muse

    Clarence Muse (October 14, 1889 – October 13, 1979) was an actor, screenwriter, director, composer, and lawyer. Muse was the first African American to "star" in a film. He acted for fifty years, and appeared in more than 150 movies. He was inducted into the Black Filmmakers Hall of Fame in 1973.

  • Clarence

    Clarence may refer to:

  • Clarence Henderson

    Clarence Henderson

    Clarence Henderson (raised in Dallas) is an American student and football player.

  • Clarence Williams

    Clarence Williams

    Clarence Williams (raised in Tallahassee, Florida) is an American student and basketball player. He plays for East Carolina Pirates and is affiliated with the National Collegiate Athletic Association.

  • Clarence 13X

    Clarence 13X

    Clarence Edward Smith (February 22, 1928 – June 13, 1969) was an American religious leader and founder of the Five-Percent Nation, better known as Clarence 13X and Allah. He was born in Virginia, and moved to New York City as a young man before serving in the United States Army during the Korean War. After returning to New York, he learned that his wife had joined the Nation of Islam (NOI) and followed her, taking the name Clarence 13X. He served in the group as a security officer, martial arts instructor, and student minister before leaving for an unclear reason in 1963. He enjoyed gambling, which was condemned by the NOI, and disagreed with the NOI's teachings that Wallace Fard Muhammad was a divine messenger.

  • Clarence Avant

    Clarence Alexander Avant (born February 25, 1931) is an American music executive, entrepreneur, and film producer, he also goes by the name of "The Black Godfather".

  • Clarence (1988 TV series)

    Clarence (1988 TV series)

    Clarence is a 1988 BBC situation comedy starring Ronnie Barker and Josephine Tewson, written by Ronnie Barker under the pseudonym "Bob Ferris " as an acknowledgement to Dick Clement and Ian La Frenais, creators of Porridge . It was Barker's final sitcom appearance before his retirement.

  • Clarence Earl Gideon

    Clarence Earl Gideon

    Clarence Earl Gideon (August 30, 1910 – January 18, 1972) was a poor drifter and amateur attorney accused in a Florida state court of felony theft. His case resulted in the landmark 1963 U.S. Supreme Court decision Gideon v. Wainwright , holding that a criminal defendant who cannot afford to hire a lawyer must be provided one at no cost.

  • Clarence Carter

    Clarence Carter

    Clarence George Carter (born January 14, 1936) is an American blues and soul singer, musician, songwriter and record producer. His most successful records included "Slip Away " (1968), "Back Door Santa ", "Too Weak to Fight", "Patches " (1970), and "Strokin'" (1985).

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