• Charles Edward Anderson "Chuck" Berry

  • Chuck Berry

    Chuck Berry

    Charles Edward Anderson Berry (October 18, 1926 – March 18, 2017) was an American singer and songwriter, and one of the pioneers of rock and roll music. With songs such as "Maybellene " (1955), "Roll Over Beethoven " (1956), "Rock and Roll Music " (1957) and "Johnny B. Goode " (1958), Berry refined and developed rhythm and blues into the major elements that made rock and roll distinctive. Writing lyrics that focused on teen life and consumerism, and developing a music style that included guitar solos and showmanship, Berry was a major influence on subsequent rock music.

  • Thirty Days (Chuck Berry song)

    "Thirty Days (To Come Back Home)", also written "30 Days", is a 1955 song and chart single by Chuck Berry. Berry wrote "30 Days" to pay tribute to Hank Williams' country music.

  • Chuck Berry on Stage

    Chuck Berry on Stage

    Chuck Berry on Stage is the first live album by Chuck Berry, released in 1963 by Chess Records. Although promoted as a live album, it is a collection of previously released studio recordings (except for 5 songs..."All Aboard", "Trick or Treat", "I Just Want To Make Love To You", "Still Got The Blues", and a previously unreleased alternate take of "Brown-Eyed Handsome Man") with overdubbed audience sounds to simulate a live recording. One track on the album labelled "Surfin' USA", is "Sweet Little Sixteen", originally released in 1958, the melody of which was used in The Beach Boys' 1963 hit "Surfin' USA". Chuck's cover of Willie Dixon's "I Just Want To Make Love To You" was later re-recorded and released on the very rare Chess LP CH60032 Chuck Berry in 1975.

  • Live on Stage (Chuck Berry album)

    Live on Stage (Chuck Berry album)

    Live On Stage is a Chuck Berry album released in 2000 by Magnum Records.

  • Chuck Berry Live in Concert

    Chuck Berry Live in Concert

    Chuck Berry Live in Concert is a live album by Chuck Berry which was released in 1978, nine years after it was recorded at the 1969 Rock and Roll Revival concert at Varsity Stadium in Toronto, Canada.

  • Chuck Berry discography

    Chuck Berry discography

    This is the discography of rock and roll musician Chuck Berry.

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