• Chris Mills

    Chris Mills or Christopher Mills may refer to:

  • Chris Mills (basketball)

    Christopher Lemonte Mills (born January 25, 1970) is a retired American professional basketball player who played ten seasons in the National Basketball Association (NBA).

  • Chris Mills (musician)

    Chris Mills is an American singer-songwriter. In the 1990s and early 2000s he established himself as a mainstay on the independent Chicago folk and alternative country scene before moving to Brooklyn in 2003.

  • Chris Mills (Hitcents)

    Chris Mills (Hitcents)

    Chris Mills is the president and co-founder of Hitcents , a technology -based creative agency in Bowling Green, Kentucky specialising in web design, application development and mobile games. Mills currently manages the Hitcents offices in the United States and China.

  • Chris J. Mills (horse breeder)

    Chris J. Mills is a horse breeder raised in Great Britain.

  • Chris Wills

    Chris Wills (born on 17 February 1978, in Folkestone, Kent ) is a Champion of the British game show Countdown and a veteran of numerous other shows.

  • Chris Willsher

    Chris Willsher (born Christopher Willsher, 11 January 1971 in Ilford, England ) ), is an entertainer, musician, punk singer, drummer, actor and writer of London Irish extraction, now residing in Plymouth.

  • Chris

    Chris is a short form of various names including Christopher, Christian, Christina, Christine, and Christos. Chris is also used as a name in its own right, however it is not as common.

  • Chris

    Chris is a pornographic actress.

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