• Charles Middleton

    Charles Middleton may refer to:

  • Middleton, Charles

  • Charles Middleton (actor)

    Charles Middleton (actor)

    Charles B. Middleton (October 3, 1874 – April 22, 1949) was an American stage and film actor. During a film career that began at age 46 and lasted almost 30 years, he appeared in nearly 200 films as well as numerous plays. He is perhaps best remembered for his role as the villainous emperor Ming the Merciless in the three Flash Gordon serials made between 1936 and 1940.

  • Charles Middleton, 1st Baron Barham

    Charles Middleton, 1st Baron Barham

    Admiral Charles Middleton, 1st Baron Barham PC (14 October 1726 – 17 June 1813 ) was a Royal Navy officer and politician. As a junior officer he saw action during the Seven Years' War. Middleton was given command of a guardship at the Nore, a Royal Navy anchorage in the Thames Estuary, at the start of the American War of Independence, and was subsequently appointed Comptroller of the Navy. He went on to be First Naval Lord and then First Lord of the Admiralty. Middleton also played a crucial role in the abolition of the slave trade.

  • Charles Middleton, 2nd Earl of Middleton

    Charles Middleton, 2nd Earl of Middleton

    Charles Middleton, 2nd Earl of Middleton, Jacobite 1st Earl of Monmouth, PC (1649/1650 – 9 August 1719) was a Scottish and English politician who held several offices under Charles II and James II & VII. He served as Secretary of State for Scotland, the Northern Department and the Southern Department, before acting as chief advisor to James II and then his son James III during their exile in France.

  • Charles Middleton (cricketer)

    Charles Edward Middleton (21 December 1868 — 5 February 1938) was an English cricketer who played for Derbyshire between 1896 and 1903.

  • Charles Middleton (disambiguation)

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