• Charles Kensington Salaman

    Charles Kensington Salaman

    Charles Kensington Salaman (March 3, 1814 – June 23, 1901) was a British Jewish composer, pianist, and writer. He was the composer of over a hundred settings of Hebrew texts for the West London Synagogue, as well as numerous songs in English, French, German, Italian, Spanish, Latin, and Greek.

  • Charles Allen, Baron Allen of Kensington

    Charles Lamb Allen, Baron Allen of Kensington, CBE (born 4 January 1957) is a British businessman and broadcaster, and the chairman of Global Radio, 2 Sisters Food Group, ISS and Advisory chairman at Moelis & Company. Lord Allen was chief executive of Granada Group from 1996 to 2000, executive chairman of Granada Media plc from 2000 to 2004, chief executive of ITV plc from its formation in 2004 until 2007, and chairman of the music company EMI. He was chairman of Endemol, a non-executive director of Tesco plc and Virgin Media. In March 2012, he was appointed by Ed Miliband, the leader of the Labour Party, to the position of chairman of the executive board of the party. He has been chairman of the British Red Cross.

  • James William Charles Pennington

  • Salamander


    Salamanders are a group of amphibians typically characterized by a lizard -like appearance, with slender bodies, blunt snouts, short limbs projecting at right angles to the body, and the presence of a tail in both larvae and adults. All present-day salamander families are grouped together under the order Urodela. Salamander diversity is most abundant in the Northern Hemisphere and most species are found in the Holarctic ecozone, with some species present in the Neotropical zone.

  • La Pena, Salamanca

  • Salamanders in folklore and legend

    Salamanders in folklore and legend

    The salamander is an amphibian of the order Urodela which, as with many real creatures, often has been ascribed fantastic and sometimes occult qualities by pre-modern authors (as in the allegorical descriptions of animals in medieval bestiaries ) not possessed by the real organism. The legendary salamander is often depicted as a typical salamander in shape, with a lizard -like form, but is usually ascribed an affinity with fire, sometimes specifically elemental fire.

  • Lungless salamander

    Lungless salamander

    The Plethodontidae, or lungless salamanders, are a family of salamanders. Most species are native to the Western Hemisphere, from British Columbia to Brazil, although a few species are found in Sardinia, Europe south of the Alps, and South Korea. In terms of number of species, they are by far the largest group of salamanders.

  • Cave salamander

    Cave salamander

    A cave salamander is a type of salamander that primarily or exclusively inhabits caves, a group that includes several species. Some of these animals have developed special, even extreme, adaptations to their subterranean environments. Some species have only rudimentary (or even absent) eyes (blind salamanders). Others lack pigmentation, rendering them a pale yellowish or pinkish color (e.g., Eurycea rathbuni ).

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