• Charles II

    Charles II may refer to:

  • Charles II, Count of Alencon

  • Statue of Charles II, Soho Square

    Statue of Charles II, Soho Square

    The statue of Charles II is an outdoor sculpture of Charles II of England by the Danish sculptor Caius Gabriel Cibber, located near the centre of Soho Square in London. Once part of a late 17th century fountain, it was removed in the late 19th century to a private estate in Harrow before being restored to the square in the mid-20th century. It depicts the king in a standing pose on top of a low decorated pedestal. Although it has been the subject of restoration works, it is heavily eroded and in a poor condition.

  • Charles II de Cossé, Duke of Brissac

    Charles II de Cossé (1550 – June 1621) was the first Duke of Brissac, a title he was granted in 1611. He was a prominent French soldier and became a Marshal of France, a position conferred upon him by Henry IV of France in 1594.

  • Charles II, Duke of Lorraine

    Charles II (11 September 1365 – 25 January 1431), called the Bold (French: le Hardi) was the Duke of Lorraine from 1390 to his death and Constable of France from 1418 to 1425. Charles was the elder son of John I, Duke of Lorraine, and Sophie, daughter of Eberhard II, Count of Württemberg.

  • Charles II August, Duke of Zweibrucken

  • Charles II, Count of Nevers

    Charles II, Count of Nevers

    Charles II (died in Louvre in 1521) was Count of Nevers (1506–1521). He was son of Engelbert de La Mark and Charlotte de Bourbon-Vendome.

  • Charles II de Lalaing

    Charles II de Lalaing

    Charles II of Lalaing (Lallaing? 1506 – Brussels, 23 November 1558) was Count of Lalaing, Lord of Escornaix and stadtholder of the County of Hainaut.

  • Charles II, Landgrave of Hesse-Philippsthal

    Charles II of Hesse-Philippsthal (22 May 1803 in Philippsthal – 12 February 1868 in Philippsthal) was a member of the House of Hesse and was Landgrave of Hesse-Philippsthal from 1849 until 1866.

  • Charles II Otto, Count Palatine of Zweibrucken-Birkenfeld

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