• Chang Chen

    Chang Chen

    Chang Chen (born 14 October 1976), sometimes credited as Chen Chang according to Western name order, is a Taiwanese actor. His father Chang Kuo-chu and his brother Hans Chang are also actors.

  • Chen Chang

    Chen Chang (陳昌) (537–560), courtesy name Jingye (敬業), formally Prince Xian of Hengyang (衡陽獻王), was an imperial prince of the Chinese dynasty Chen Dynasty. He was the sixth and only surviving son of the founding emperor Emperor Wu (Chen Baxian), but as he was detained as a hostage by Western Wei and Western Wei's successor state Northern Zhou, was unable to succeed to the throne when Emperor Wu died in 559. Rather, his cousin Chen Qian took the throne as Emperor Wen. Northern Zhou finally allowed him to return to Chen in 560, but as he wrote impolite letters to Emperor Wen, Emperor Wen felt threatened (as he viewed the letters as implied demands for the throne), and he sent his trusted general Hou Andu to escort Chen Chang. Hou subsequently drowned Chen Chang in the Yangtze River.

  • Chang Chen Ghost Stories (2016 film)

    Chang Chen Ghost Stories (2016 film)

    Chang Chen Ghost Stories is a 2016 Chinese romance horror thriller film directed by Zhan Yue. It was released in China on July 8, 2016.

  • Chang Chen Ghost Stories

    Chang Chen Ghost Stories

    Chang Chen Ghost Stories (Chinese: 张震讲故事之鬼迷心窍) is a 2015 Chinese suspense thriller film directed by Zhengchao Xu. It was released on July 3, 2015.

  • Chang Chen (disambiguation)

  • Chang Chen (disambiguation)

  • Kai Chen Chang

  • Chang Chen Yue

  • Chang Chen Yin

  • Chen Chung Chang

    Chen Chung Chang

    Chen Chung Chang (Chinese: 张晨钟) was a mathematician who worked in model theory. He obtained his PhD from Berkeley in 1955 on "Cardinal and Ordinal Factorization of Relation Types" under Alfred Tarski. He wrote the standard text Chang & Keisler (1990) on model theory. Chang's conjecture and Chang's model are named after him. He also proved the ordinal partition theorem (expressed in the arrow notation for Ramsey theory ) ωω→(ωω,3)2, originally a problem of Erdős and Hajnal. He also introduced MV-algebras as models for Łukasiewicz logic. Chang was a professor at the mathematics department of the University of California, Los Angeles.

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