• Carl Grädener

  • Carl Ryden

    Carl Ryden (born in Sweden) is an award-winning/multi-platinum-selling Swedish songwriter, musician and producer. His parents, both teachers, influenced his musical style.

  • Carl B. Roden

    Carl B. Roden

    Carl Bismarck Roden (June 7, 1871 – October 25, 1956) was an American librarian and served as chief librarian of the Chicago Public Library from 1918 to 1950. A lifelong resident of Norwood Park, Illinois he began work as a library page in 1886.

  • Carl Bismarck Roden

  • Carli

    Carli may refer to: Carli (given name), a list of people Carli (surname), a list of people Çarlı, Azerbaijan, a village and municipality <img src="//en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Special:CentralAutoLogin/start?type=1x1" alt="" title="" width="1" height="1" style="border: none; position: absolute;" />

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