• Carl Gottlieb

    Carl Gottlieb

    Carl Gottlieb (born March 18, 1938) is an American screenwriter, actor, comedian and executive. He is probably best known for co-writing the screenplay for Jaws and its first two sequels, as well as directing the 1981 film Caveman .

  • Carl Gottlieb Ehler

    Carl Gottlieb Ehler (8 September 1685 – 22 November 1753) is considered a mathematician, specifically due to his post as an astronomer in Berlin. He was mayor of the Prussian capital of Danzig from March 1741 until his death.

  • Carl Gottlieb Svarez

    Carl Gottlieb Svarez

    Carl Gottlieb Svarez, originally Schwartz (27 February 1746, Schweidnitz - 14 May 1798, Berlin ) was a Prussian jurist and reformer who worked on the Landrecht.

  • Carl Gottlieb Reißiger

  • Carl Gottlieb Peschel

    Carl Gottlieb Peschel (31 March 1798, Dresden – 3 July 1879, Dresden) was a German painter. He was a member of the Nazarene movement.

  • Carl Gottlieb Reissiger

    Carl Gottlieb Reißiger (also Karl Reissiger, Carl Reissiger, Karl Reißiger) (31 January 1798, Belzig – 7 November 1859, Dresden ) was a German Kapellmeister and composer.

  • Gottlieb Matthias Carl Masch

    Gottlieb Matthias Carl Masch (also known as Carl Masch, Karl Masch or misspelled as Gottlieb Matthäus Carl Masch; 4 August 1794, Schlagsdorf – 28 June 1878, Demern ) was a German theologian, rector, pastor, historian, numismatist and writer on heraldry.

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