• Călin Popescu-Tăriceanu

    Călin Popescu-Tăriceanu

    Călin Constantin Anton Popescu-Tăriceanu (Romanian pronunciation: k ə ˈ l i n k o n s t a n ˈ t i n a n ˈ t o n p o ˈ p e s k u t ə r i ˈ tʃ e̯a n u ]; born 14 January 1952) is a Romanian politician who was Prime Minister of Romania from 29 December 2004 to 22 December 2008. He was also president of the National Liberal Party (PNL) and the vice-president of the European Liberal Democrat and Reform Party (ELDR), two positions he assumed in 2004. He was the President of the Senate, second position in the Romanian state, from 10 March 2014 until he resigned on 2 September 2019, having previously resigned from the PNL party, becoming an independent senator. In July 2014, he established the Liberal Reformist Party.

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  • Călin

    Călin [kəˈlin] is a Romanian masculine given name meaning guelder rose . It may refer to:

  • Robert Calin

    Robert Calin (April 26, 1928 – June 14, 1986) was a French -born songwriter and actor. He was a founding member of the Sons of the Pioneers musical group and the composer of numerous Country music songs including the standards Soho and Tumbling. As an actor and singer he appeared in a few Western films.

  • Ivan Calin

    Ivan Petrovici Calin (Russian: Иван Петрович Калин); (born March 10, 1935 Plopi, Moldavian ASSR, Ukrainian SSR, USSR – died January 2, 2012 Chișinău, Republic of Moldova ) was an agronomist-scholar, political scientist, diplomat and politician from the Republic of Moldova.

  • Calin Gribbin

    Calin Gribbin

    Calin Gribbin is an American baseball player from Gibsonia, Pennsylvania who plays as a catcher.

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