• Ludvik Buland

    Ludvik Buland

    Ludvik Buland (6 May 1893 – 5 February 1945) was a Norwegian trade unionist. He chaired the Norwegian Union of Railway Workers, but was imprisoned and died during the occupation of Norway by Nazi Germany.

  • Buland Akhtar Rana

    Buland Akhtar Rana was the newly appointed Auditor General of Pakistan, as of August 2011 under the orders of President Asif Ali Zardari. The previous auditor-general was Tanvir Ali Agha, who had resigned amid a controversy on whether he was able continue to hold office for another four months; subsequently, Aneece Marghub was appointed as the acting auditor-general. Rana belongs to Multan Previously, he has served as the acting secretary of the Human Rights Division and also served as deputy auditor-general. He was well educated officer and he also educated from abroad. He is from the blood of the rajputs.

  • Mable E. Buland Campbell

    Mable Electa Buland Campbell (1885–1961) was a Professor of English in Washington State during the early 20th century, and was, at one time, the youngest person to hold a PH.D. in the United States. Buland was also active in women's groups associated with women's suffrage.

  • INS Buland

    INSBuland is a 25 tonne bollard pull tugboat built by Hindustan Shipyard for the Indian Navy. It is the third ship of the series of 25-ton bollard pull tugboats after INS Balwan and INS Sahayak that were built within 10 months and delivered in January 2016 in time for International Fleet Review 2016. After the sea trials, the ship was flagged off by Commander A.S. Mitra (retired), Director (Shipbuilding) on November 15, 2016 and joined the Indian Navy at its home port of Port Blair.

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