• Boris Vian

    Boris Vian

    Boris Vian (French: [bɔʁis vjɑ̃]; 10 March 1920 – 23 June 1959) was a French polymath: writer, poet, musician, singer, translator, critic, actor, inventor and engineer. Today he is remembered primarily for his novels. Those published under the pseudonym Vernon Sullivan were bizarre parodies of criminal fiction, highly controversial at the time of their release.

  • Boris Bakhmeteff

    Boris Bakhmeteff

    Boris Alexandrovich Bakhmeteff (Russian: Борис Александрович Бахметев) (also spelled Bakhmetieff or Bakhmetev) (May 14, 1880 – July 21, 1951) was an engineer, businessman, professor of civil engineering at Columbia University and the only ambassador of the Russian Provisional Government to the United States. He was unrelated to his predecessor as ambassador, George Bakhmeteff.

  • Boris Pankin

    Boris Pankin

    Boris Dimitrievich Pankin (Russian: Борис Дмитриевич Панкин; born 20 February 1931 in Frunze ) was Minister of Foreign Affairs of the USSR for a brief period in 1991.

  • Boris Gardiner

    Boris Gardiner (born 13 January 1943) is a Jamaican singer, songwriter and bass guitarist.

  • Boris Klyuyev

    Boris Klyuyev

    Boris Vladimirovich Klyuyev (Russian: Бори́с Влади́мирович Клю́ев; born July 13, 1944, Moscow, USSR ) is a Soviet and Russian film and theater actor, teacher, professor. The actor of the Maly Theatre since 1969. People's Artist of Russia (2002).

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