• Blanche

    Blanche may refer to:

  • Emprise de l'Escu vert a la Dame Blanche

  • Maison Blanche (Paris Metro)

  • Blanche Ray Alden

    Blanche Ray Alden (5 July 1870 – 1934) was an American pianist and composer, who published under the pseudonym Theodora Dutton. Her short piano piece, Christmas Day Secrets, is the only work in the Suzuki Piano Repertoire attributed to a female composer.

  • Blanche Christine Olschak

    Blanche Christine Olschak (1913-1989) was an Austrian journalist and writer, Tibetan specialist and wrote the first comprehensive encyclopedia of women in the world.

  • Blanche Forsythe

    Blanche Forsythe was a British actress of the silent era. She was born in Islington in the mid-1880s and died in Middlesex in 1953 - aged 80.

  • Blanche Martin

    Blanche Martin (born January 16, 1937) is a former American football player who played one season with the Los Angeles Chargers and New York Titans. He played college football at Michigan State University.

  • Adela Blanche Stewart

    Adela Blanche Stewart (1846–1910) was a New Zealand homemaker and writer. She was born in Clifton, Gloucestershire (now in Bristol ), England in 1846. She and her husband Hugh Stewart emigrated to New Zealand in 1878 and settled at Katikati, a settlement organised by Hugh's brother George Vesey Stewart. She wrote a book entitled My Simple Life in New Zealand.

  • Blanche Fisher Wright

    Blanche Fisher Wright Laite (1887 – 1971) was an American children's book illustrator active in the 1910s. She is best known for illustrating The Real Mother Goose , published in 1916 by Rand McNally.

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