• Bjarni Thorsteinsson

  • Bjarni Óskar Þorsteinsson

    Bjarni Óskar Þorsteinsson (born 31 August 1976) is a retired Icelandic footballer who played as a defender. He won 10 caps for the Iceland national football team between 2000 and 2003.

  • Bjarni

    Bjarni is an Icelandic male given name and may refer to:

  • Bjarni Jonsson (artist)

  • Bjarni Jonsson (footballer)

  • Bjarni Jónsson

    Bjarni Jónsson

    Bjarni Jónsson (February 15, 1920 – September 30, 2016) was an Icelandic mathematician and logician working in universal algebra, lattice theory, model theory and set theory. He was emeritus distinguished professor of mathematics at Vanderbilt University and the honorary editor in chief of Algebra Universalis . He received his PhD in 1946 at UC Berkeley under supervision of Alfred Tarski.

  • Bjarni Tryggvason

    Bjarni Tryggvason

    Bjarni Valdimar Tryggvason (born September 21, 1945) is an Icelandic-born Canadian engineer and a former NRC /CSA astronaut. He served as a Payload Specialist on Space Shuttle mission STS-85 in 1997, a 12-day mission to study changes in the Earth's atmosphere.

  • Bjarni Ármannsson

    Bjarni Ármannsson (born 23 March 1968) is an Icelandic banker who resigned as CEO of Glitnir (formerly Íslandsbanki), a financial group based in Iceland, in May 2007.

  • Bjarni Thorarensen

    Bjarni Vigfússon Thorarensen (December 30, 1786 – August 24, 1841) was an Icelandic poet and official. He was deputy governor of northern and eastern Iceland. As a poet he was influenced by classicism and romanticism. Politically he was aligned with the Fjölnismenn and favored the reestablishment of the Althing at Þingvellir. He was a friend of Jónas Hallgrímsson whose own poetry was influenced by Bjarni's work.

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