• Betico Croes

    Betico Croes

    Gilberto François "Betico" Croes (25 January 1938 – 26 November 1986) was an Aruban political activist who was a proponent for Aruba's separation from the Netherlands Antilles. This eventually occurred in 1986, but following a car accident on 31 December 1985 (the night of status aparte), Croes lapsed into a coma and never became conscious to see his accomplishment. He is best remembered as "Libertador" (liberator) and as father of the Aruban people.

  • Torneo Copa Betico Croes

    The Torneo Copa Betico Croes is the top knockout tournament of the Aruban football.

  • 2017–18 Torneo Copa Betico Croes

  • 2017-18 Torneo Copa Betico Croes

  • 2017–18 Torneo Copa Betico Croes

  • Ramularia beticola

    Ramularia beticola is a fungal plant pathogen infecting beets.

  • Uromyces beticola

    Uromyces beticola is a plant pathogen infecting beet.

  • Lago Retico

    Lago Retico

    Lago Retico is a lake in the canton Ticino, Switzerland. Its surface area is 8.5 ha (21 acres).

  • Will Hetico

    Will Hetico

    Will Hetico is an American soccer player from Cocoa Beach, Florida who plays as a goalkeeper.

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