• Berengaudus

    Berengaudus (840–892) was a Benedictine monk, supposed author of Expositio super septem visiones libri Apocalypsis, a Latin commentary on the Book of Revelation . He has traditionally been assumed to be a monk of Ferrières Abbey, at the time of Lupus Servatus. The attribution has been questioned, but the Expositio was later (by the 12th century) much circulated in manuscript. It was printed in Patrologia Latina vol. XVII under Ambrose, following an attribution by Cuthbert Tunstall.

  • Berengaudus of Ferrières

  • Berengarians

    The Berengarians were a religious sect who adhered to the views of Berengar of Tours, Archdeacon of Angers, and opposed the developing doctrine of transubstantiation in the mid-eleventh century. The Berengarian sect, considered heretical by the Roman Catholic Church, is said to have numbered 800,000 according to the historian Belamine.

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