• Tennessee Creek

    Tennessee Creek may refer to:

  • Shoal Creek (Tennessee River)

    Shoal Creek (originally called the Sycamore River) is a 64.7-mile-long (104.1 km) river from its east point or 63.6-mile-long (102.4 km) from the north point on the Little Shoal Creek north of Lawrenceburg, Tennessee. The stream rises in northern Lawrence County, Tennessee, and enters the Tennessee River in Lauderdale County, Alabama, where its lower reaches are impounded in the backwater of Wilson Dam.

  • Abrams Creek (Tennessee)

    Abrams Creek is a creek in Blount County, Tennessee. Its headwaters are in Cades Cove, and it is a tributary of the Little Tennessee River. It is named after the Chilhowee Cherokee chief Old Abraham ("Abram"). Visitors swim and fish in the creek. The creek was deliberately poisoned in 1957 to kill fish in potential competition with rainbow trout; many fish species were extirpated from the river and have never recovered.

  • Poplar Creek (Tennessee)

    Poplar Creek is a tributary of the Clinch River in Anderson and Roane counties in East Tennessee. Draining a watershed area of more than 82 square miles (210 km2), it enters the Clinch near the former K-25 site, a short distance downstream from the confluence of East Fork Poplar Creek, its largest tributary.

  • Beaver Creek (Tennessee)

    Beaver Creek is a tributary of the Clinch River in Knox County in East Tennessee. It drains a watershed area of 86.5 square miles (224 km2) between Copper Ridge and Black Oak Ridge. It flows from northeast to southwest from the Gibbs High School area, through the Halls, Powell, Karns, Solway, and Hardin Valley communities, entering the Clinch downstream from Solway.

  • Boones Creek, Tennessee

    Boones Creek is an unincorporated community and neighborhood of Johnson City, in northern Washington County, Tennessee. Almost all of Boones Creek has been annexed by Johnson City, and has become a neighborhood of Johnson City. However, much of it has postal addresses of "Gray, Tennessee". It extends along Boone's Creek and other nearby tributaries of Boone Lake, from the strip of restaurants, hotels and other businesses around the intersection of Boone's Creek Road (State Route 354) and Interstate 26, northeastwards to the older business district at the intersection of 354 and State Route 36, and up to Boone Lake, formerly the Watauga River.

  • Otter Creek (Tennessee)

    Otter Creek is a 6.5-mile-long (10.5 km) creek in Davidson County, Tennessee. It is the effluent of Radnor Lake, and flows through Radnor Lake State Natural Area. It is a tributary of the Little Harpeth River, and via the Little Harpeth, Harpeth, Cumberland, and Ohio rivers, it is part of the Mississippi River watershed.

  • Coker Creek, Tennessee

    Coker Creek, Tennessee

    Coker Creek is an unincorporated community in Monroe County, Tennessee, United States. It is located on Tennessee State Route 68 6.7 miles (10.8 km) south of Tellico Plains. Coker Creek had a post office from October 26, 1841, to September 27, 2008; it still has its own ZIP code, 37314.

  • Boyds Creek, Tennessee

    Boyds Creek is an unincorporated community in Sevier County, Tennessee, United States. It is named for a small southward-flowing tributary of the French Broad River of the same name, which itself derives its name from a Virginian trader, killed by a band of Cherokee Indians, whose body was thrown into the stream. The creek was the site of a 1780 battle (The Battle of Boyd's Creek) between white settlers and Cherokee angry at the settlers' encroachment onto their hunting territory.

  • Horse Creek, Tennessee

    Horse Creek (also Horsecreek) is an unincorporated community in southeastern Greene County, Tennessee. Horse Creek is located southeast of Tusculum.

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