• Bartel

    Bartel could refer to:

  • Nadia Bartel

    Nadia Bartel

    Nadia Bartel (born May 10, 1985) is a blogger.

  • Bartel Lopez

    Bartel Lopez

    Bartel Lopez (born October 27th, 1989) is a Nicaraguan basketball player from Bluefields, Nicaragua who plays as a center for the Real Esteli basketball team.

  • Bartel BM-1

    The Bartel BM 1 Maryla, originally Bartel M.1 was a fighter aircraft design for the Polish military that did not advance beyond the design stage. It was designed in response to a Polish War Ministry competition in 1925 and was placed third, netting Bartel a zł 1,000 prize. Maryla was the name of Bartel's wife. The design was a single-seat parasol-wing monoplane similar in configuration to the Nieuport-Delage sesquiplanes of the era. A distinctive feature were Y-shaped struts joining wing with an undercarriage. It was not built.

  • Marta Bartel

    Marta Bartel

    Marta Bartel, née Przeździecka (born 20 May 1988 in Zambrów) is a Polish chess player, who was awarded the title of Woman Grandmaster in 2009.

  • Bartel Wielki

    Bartel Wielki (Polish pronunciation: [ˈbartɛl ˈvjɛlkʲi]; German: Groß Bartel) is a village in the administrative district of Gmina Kaliska, within Starogard County, Pomeranian Voivodeship, in northern Poland. It lies approximately 5 kilometres (3 mi) west of Kaliska, 27 km (17 mi) west of Starogard Gdański, and 60 km (37 mi) south-west of the regional capital Gdańsk.

  • Horst Bartel

    Horst Bartel (16 January 1928 – 22 June 1984) was a German historian and university professor. He was involved in most of the core historiography projects undertaken in the German Democratic Republic (1949–1989). His work on the nineteenth-century German Labour movement places him firmly in the mainstream tradition of Marxist–Leninist historical interpretation.

  • Joanna Bartel

    Joanna Bartel

    Joanna Bartel (born 29 December 1952 in Świętochłowice) - Polish actress, cabaret artist, singer and announcer. From her education she is painter. Currently she occurs in cabaret program Tok Szok.

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