• Herzog

    Herzog is a German hereditary title held by one who rules a territorial duchy, exercises feudal authority over an estate called a duchy, or possesses a right by law or tradition to be referred to by the ducal title. The word is usually translated by the English duke and the Latin dux . Generally, a Herzog ranks below a king and above a count. Whether the title is deemed higher or lower than titles translated into English as "prince" (Fürst ) has depended upon the language, country and era in which the titles co-existed.

  • Standartenfuhrer (Oberst) Herzog

  • Standartenfuhrer (Oberst) Herzog

  • Hanna Herzog

    Hanna Herzog (Hebrew: חנה הרצוג‎) is a professor of Sociology at the Department of Sociology and Anthropology at Tel Aviv University and a senior research fellow and the academic director of the Civil Society forums at Van Leer Jerusalem Institute in Jerusalem.

  • Hans Georg Herzog

    Hans Georg Herzog (May 7, 1915 – July 28, 2014) was a Romanian field handball player of German origin who competed in the 1936 Summer Olympics. He was part of the Romanian field handball team, which finished fifth in the Olympic tournament. He played one match.

  • Andi Herzog

    Andi Herzog

    Andreas Herzog (born 10 September 1968), also known as Andy Herzog (English) or Andi Herzog (German), is an Austrian former footballer and the current head coach of Israel national football team.

  • Fred Herzog

    Fred Herzog (21 September 1930 – 9 September 2019) was a Canadian photographer, known for his photographs of working class people and their connections to the city around them in Vancouver, British Columbia. Herzog was one of the pioneers of artistic colour photography. He achieved moderate success earlier in his career, however his first major exhibition was at Vancouver Art Gallery in 2007, after which he produced a number of books.

  • Myrna Herzog

    Myrna Herzog (born in Rio de Janeiro, 1 December 1951) is a Brazilian born Israeli musician, player of the viol /viola da gamba and baroque cello, a conductor and is a researcher in the field of viols.

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