• Ballard Berkeley

    Ballard Berkeley

    Ballard Blascheck (6 August 1904 – 16 January 1988), known professionally as Ballard Berkeley , was an English actor of stage and screen. He played Major Gowen in the British television sitcom Fawlty Towers .

  • Thomas Blaschek

    Thomas Blaschek (born 5 April 1981 in Gera, East Germany ) is a German hurdler. His personal best time is 13.31 seconds, achieved in July 2005 in Cuxhaven. This ranks him fifth among German 110 m hurdlers, behind Florian Schwarthoff, Mike Fenner, Eric Kaiser and Falk Balzer.

  • Blaschek, Thomas

  • Lesche

    Lesche (Gr. λέσχη) is an Ionic Greek word, signifying council or conversation, and a place for council or conversation. There is frequent mention of places of public resort, in the Greek cities, by the name of leschai (λέσχαι, the Greek plural of lesche), some set apart for the purpose, and others so called because they were so used by loungers; to the latter class belong the agora and its porticoes, the gymnasia, and the shops of various tradesmen, especially those of the smiths, which were frequented in winter on account of their warmth, and in which, for the same reason, the poor sought shelter for the night.

  • Larche

    Larche may refer to the following places in France:

  • Lanche

  • Rasche

    Rasche is a surname of German origin. Notable people with the surname include:

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