• Gaius Caesar (grandson of Augustus)

  • Caesar Augustus Rodney

    Caesar Augustus Rodney

    Caesar Augustus Rodney (January 4, 1772 – June 10, 1824) was an American lawyer and politician from Wilmington, in New Castle County, Delaware. He was a member of the Democratic-Republican Party, who served in the Delaware General Assembly, as well as a U.S. Representative from Delaware, U.S. Senator from Delaware, U.S. Attorney General, and U.S. Minister to Argentina.

  • Augustus Caesar Buell

    Augustus Caesar Buell (September 4, 1847 – May 23, 1904) was an American author who wrote several biographies of great Americans, following the success of a book about his experiences in the Civil War. Most material in these biographies that was not plagiarized was fabricated.

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