• Arwel Hughes

    Arwel Hughes OBE (25 August 1909 – 23 September 1988) was a Welsh orchestral conductor and composer.

  • Owain Arwel Hughes

    Owain Arwel Hughes CBE (born 21 March 1942) is a Welsh orchestral conductor.

  • Arwel

    Arwel (pronounced [ˈarwɛl]) is a Welsh given name. Notable persons with this name include:

  • Arwel Richards

    Arwel Richards

    Arwel Wyn Richards (born 25 January 1982 in Carmarthen) is a businessman and columnist contributing articles on cars and style.

  • Arwel Thomas

    Arwel Camber Thomas (born 8 November 1974) is a native of Trebanos in Swansea Valley. He is a former Wales international rugby union player. An outside-half, he played his club rugby for Swansea RFC.

  • Irwell

    Irwell may refer to:

  • Orwellion

    Orwellion is a genus of beetles in the family Cerambycidae containing the following species:

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