• Art Modell

    Art Modell

    Arthur Bertram "Art" Modell (June 23, 1925 – September 6, 2012) was an American businessman, entrepreneur and National Football League (NFL) team owner. He owned the Cleveland Browns franchise for 35 years and established the Baltimore Ravens franchise, which he owned for nine years.

  • Arthur Bertram St Hill

    Arthur Bertram St Hill (1872 - 25 August 1911) was an early cricketer in the West Indies. Born in Bridgetown, Barbados, he was a batsman of unknown handedness who led a tour of the Caribbean in 1899 that formed some of the earliest first class cricket games in the region. He, together with his invitational eleven 'AB St Hill's XI', played four matches on the tour, in which he scored only seventeen runs.

  • Arthur Bertram Court

    Arthur Bertram Court (25 December 1927 – 18 May 2012) was an Australian botanist

  • Bertram Arthur Talbot, 17th Earl of Shrewsbury

  • Arthur Bertram Cuthbert Walker Jr.

  • Russell, Bertrand Arthur William, 3rd Earl Russell

  • Bertrand Arthur William, 3rd Earl Russell Russell

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