• Alexandre Arcady

    Alexandre Arcady

    Alexandre Arcady (born March 17, 1947) is a French actor, film director, producer and screenwriter.

  • Arcady Boytler

    Arcady Sergeevich Boytler Rososky (August 31, 1895 – November 24, 1965) was a producer, screenwriter, and director most renowned for his films during the golden age of Mexican cinema.

  • Arcady Aris

    Arcady Aris (Chuvash: Аркадий Арис and Russian: Арис Аркадий Иванович) (Siner village (now in Alikovsky District, Chuvash Republic, Russia), January 29, 1901 – Ilansky, Krasnoyarsk Krai, Gulag, Gulag, USSR, June 1, 1942) was a Chuvash writer and literature critic. He became a member of the USSR Union of Writers in 1934 ..

  • USS Arcady (SP-577)

    USS Arcady (SP-577)

    Arcady was a United States Navy patrol vessel in commission from 1917 to 1919.

  • Arcady Ruderman

    Arkady Abramovich Ruderman (Belarusian: Аркадзь Абрамавіч Рудэрман, Russian: Арка́дий Абра́мович Рудерман; 7 January 1950 – 22 September 1992) was a Belarusian documentary filmmaker who was killed during the Civil war in Tajikistan in 1992.

  • Aris, Arcady

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