• Antonio

    Antonio is a Greek, Italian, Spanish, Portuguese, Maltese and Swiss first name of Latin origin. In the English language it is translated as Anthony, and has some female derivatives: Antonia, Antónia, Antonieta, Antonietta, and Antonella. It also has some male derivatives, such as Anthonio, Antò, Antonis , Antoñito , Antonino , Antonello , Tonio , Tono , Toño, Toñín, Tonino , Nantonio, Ninni , Totò , Tó , Tonini, Tony, Toni, Toninho , Toñito , and Tõnis .

  • Antonio Vargas

    Antonio Vargas

    Antonio "No Respect" Vargas was born on September 15, 1996 in Kissimmee, Florida and is a member of the United States of America Boxing team in Rio de Janeiro for the 2016 Summer Olympics.

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