• Antonín Vranický

    Antonín Vranický, Germanized as Anton Wranitzky, and also seen as Wranizky (June 13, 1761 in Nová Říše – August 6, 1820 in Vienna ), was a famous Czech violinist and composer of the 18th century. He was the half brother of Pavel Vranický.

  • Antonin

    Antonin may refer to:

  • Antonín

    Antonín is a given name, the Czech variant of Antonius.

  • Antonin Svoboda (athlete)

  • Antonin Novotny (chess composer)

  • Antonin Prochazka (actor)

  • Antonin Drapier

    Archbishop Antonin-Fernand Drapier (28 April 1891 in Creuë-en-Woëvre, France – 30 July 1967) was a Dominican Order archbishop and Apostolic Delegate to Indochina. He was ordained priest on 24 April 1924 and consecrated bishop on 22 December 1929.

  • Antonin Koutouan

    Antonin Koutouan

    Antonin Koutouan, or simply Tony (born 11 November 1983 in Abidjan) is a football striker who plays .

  • Antonin Rolland

    Antonin Rolland

    Antonin Rolland (born 18 September 1924 in Sainte-Euphémie, Ain ) was a professional French cyclist from 1946 to 1963. Rolland won stages in the Tour de France and in the Giro d'Italia.

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