• Antoine Labelle

    Antoine Labelle

    François-Xavier-Antoine Labelle (November 24, 1833 – January 4, 1891) was a Roman Catholic priest and the person principally responsible for the settlement (or "colonization") of the Laurentians. He is also referred to as "Curé Labelle" and sometimes, the "King of the North."

  • Antoine

    Antoine is a French given name (from the Latin Antonius ) that could mean “beyond praise” or “highly praise-worthy”. The name is a cognate of the masculine given name Antony, and the feminine form is Antoinette.

  • Antoine Carre (guitarist)

  • Francois Antoine de Boissy d'Anglas

  • Antoine L'Ecuyer

  • Antoine d'Estrees

  • Louis Antoine, Duke of Angouleme

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