• Anneliese Küppers

    Anneliese Küppers (6 August 1929 – 24 September 2010) was a German female equestrian. She was born in Duisburg. She competed in equestrian at the 1956 Summer Olympics in Stockholm, where she won a silver medal in the team competition in mixed dressage (along with Hannelore Weygand and Liselott Linsenhoff ).

  • Anneliese

    Anneliese (ah'-neh-lees) or, sometimes, (ah'-neh-lee-zuh) is a female given name of either German, Dutch or Nordic origin. It is a compound form of "Anna " and "Liese", a short form of "Elisabeth ".

  • Anneliese Rubie

    Anneliese Rubie (born 22 April 1992) is an Australian sprinter. She was a semi finalist at the 2016 Rio Olympics, and the 2015 World Championships in Beijing. She also ran in the semi-finals at the 2014 Commonwealth Games in Glasgow. She ran the second leg for the women's 4 × 400 m which made the Olympic final in 2016.

  • Anneliese von Oettingen

    Anneliese von Oettingen (22 January 1917 – 9 December 2002) was a ballerina and influential ballet teacher and choreographer. After training in Berlin and London, she taught in Berlin during World War II. After the war she moved to Cincinnati, where she taught ballet and modern dance, and helped found the Cincinnati Civic Ballet. She was featured in Sports Illustrated , and received the keys to the city of Cincinnati.

  • Anneliese Seidel

    Anneliese Seidel is a retired East German slalom canoeist who competed in the late 1950s. She won a bronze medal in the folding K-1 event at the 1957 ICF Canoe Slalom World Championships in Augsburg.

  • Anneliese Groscurth

    Dr. Anneliese Groscurth (1910–1996) was the wife of Georg Groscurth and a member of the European Union (Europäische Union), an antifascist German resistance group in Berlin, during the Nazi era. Her husband and all but one of the other central members of the group were executed, but she survived.

  • Anneliese Seubert

    Anneliese Seubert

    Anneliese Seubert (born 1973) is an Australian model. She was born in Germany and moved to Cooma, Australia with her family at age 9 years. She was a finalist in the Dolly Covergirl competition, following which she began modelling when she was 15 years old. Seubert won the 1990 Ford Supermodel of the World contest at 17 receiving a $250,000 modelling contract with Ford Models. Following this she furthered her modeling, mainly in Paris where she walked the runway for designers and fashion houses such as Christian Dior, Givenchy, Paco Rabanne, Sonia Rykiel, Christian Lacroix, Karl Lagerfeld, John Galliano and Yves Saint-Laurent.

  • Anneliese Kaplan

    Anneliese Kaplan (born 1933) is a German actress. She is married to the composer Martin Böttcher.

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